The story so far

10th august 2020

Co founders Tom Conlon & Nathan Smith briefly spoke about the proposition of setting up a local football academy. Giving all kids the accessibility to specialised football coaching.

17th august 2020

Having thought it over for a week the pair were in agreeance, so they went for a starbucks to talk over the next steps. This is where it officially began, the company was formed, Pro Level Academy was an officially registered company.
7 months passed with no breakthrough on lockdown restrictions, holding back the first ever session for PLA

15th March 2021

The end of lockdown was near, the lads knew it was nearly time for it to all begin in the flesh. This is when they decided to order all the equipment. This is when it became real for them both. They then set a date for the first ever taster session, 22nd April.

8th April 2021

As the 22nd approached, it came apparent that there was a lot of interested in the session so the lads thought it would be a great decision to bring on a third coach. After a lot of thought and many candidates, our now head coach and business partner Nick ridgeway came on board.

22nd April

The day arrived, our first ever taster evening. What a night, a great turnout, nothing but great feedback.

2nd June

Massive step, we went full time! From three hours a week on a Thursday. We now opened daily, for 121s.

7th June

As a company we knew the summer holidays were closing in, we wanted to offer a summer camp to kids in the local area that was solely focused on football. So that is what we did, our first summer camp was scheduled, 26th July.

26th July

PLAs first ever summer camp began. Just under a total of 30 kids attended to our first ever week. We couldn’t have asked it to go any better.

5th august

Expanding again! After a great response to our weekly training, we decided to open more age groups on a Tuesday.